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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Safety Tashaun Gipson says he’s glad he got away from the Cleveland Browns organization and hopes the Jacksonville Jaguars score at least 40 points in Sunday’s matchup at FirstEnergy Stadium.

Oh, yeah: He also thinks the Jaguars’ defense will pitch a shutout.

“I truly hope that we hang 40 on them,” Gipson said during an interview with ESPN’s Freddie and Fitz radio show on Monday. “Their offense probably shouldn’t score against our defense and I’m excited. That’s the true thing.

“It’s personal, but yet at the end of the day you’re still blessed … knowing that I’m in a situation right now where I don’t look back about it. I don’t look back with any regrets. I’m extremely excited with where I’m at right now, but you know it’s definitely going to be personal man, for sure.”

That wasn’t the only shot Gipson took at the Browns during his interview. He also said he’s glad he’s no longer a part of an organization that has lost double-digit games in 12 of the past 14 seasons.

The Browns have won only two of their past 36 games and are the NFL’s only remaining winless team (0-9) in 2017. Gipson said the blame for that rests squarely on the front office and not the players. They’ve bungled decision after decision, he said, especially when it comes to quarterback.

“You look back and I feel bad for those guys because, like I said, it’s nothing that they can do. They just go out there and play,” Gipson said. “It’s the guys above them who make these decisions and, you know, it’s unfortunate. We’ve seen it time and time again, the opportunity that’s slipped by them.

“Every time [Eagles quarterback] Carson Wentz pop up on the TV, somebody brings it up [that the Browns didn't draft him]. I had to play against [Texans rookie quarterback] Deshaun Watson. It’s unfortunate what happened to him, but that’s going to be one of the best young quarterbacks in the league and one of the best quarterbacks in the league in the coming years.

“It’s things like that you just continue to scratch your head. You’ve just got to look back and say, ‘Man, I’m glad to get up out of there.’”

Gipson spent the first four seasons of his career with the Browns after signing as an undrafted free agent out of Wyoming in 2012. He developed into one of the better safeties in the league, making the Pro Bowl in 2014.

Gipson was one of four starters the Browns chose not to retain in the 2016 free-agency period; tackle Mitchell Schwartz (Chiefs), center Alex Mack (Falcons) and receiver Travis Benjamin (Chargers) were the others, all signing on the first day of free agency.

Gipson would go on to sign a five-year, $36 million contract with the Jaguars in March 2016, with $12 million guaranteed.

Gipson said that while he may not have fond memories of the organization, he appreciates the fan base.
“Coming from the situation in which I came, you know, the way that I made it to Cleveland, the opportunity that I was granted and just the path that I paved for myself — I’ll forever be in debt to the city of Cleveland because they helped me get to my first Pro Bowl, besides the God-given ability to go out there and make plays,” he said. “The fans, they supported me, they loved me, they brought me in. It was never a situation where it was any ill will to the fans. I don’t have any ill will because I’m blessed, but it’s going to be a little different and honestly it’s going to be exciting [to return to Cleveland].”

Gipson said he still speaks with Browns linebacker Christian Kirksey and secondary coach DeWayne Walker, who spent the past four seasons in a similar role with the Jaguars. Otherwise, Gipson has had minimal contact with former teammates.

“I can’t read minds, but I can only imagine what’s going on in those guys’ minds over there,” he said. “I mean, it’s pretty bad.”

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BEREA, Ohio — DeShone Kizer can make the Cleveland Browns’ dreams come true.

The team that has had 26 starting quarterbacks since 1999 will have a 27th come Sept. 10, assuming that rookie DeShone Kizer does not (A) get injured or (B) fall on his face Saturday night in Tampa, where he will start.

Kizer is Option 3 in the Browns’ preseason quarterback derby, and in the long run he may be the best answer of all. The question is what learning on the fly will do to him in the short term.

The other options on the roster didn’t give Hue Jackson much of a choice.

Browns coach Hue Jackson has named DeShone Kizer the starter for the Browns' third preseason game.

Browns coach Hue Jackson has named DeShone Kizer the starter for the Browns’ third preseason game.

So the Browns are turning to a rookie in the hopes that he can duplicate what Carson Wentz and Dak Prescott did last season in Philadelphia and Dallas.
Brock Osweiler got the first two preseason starts, averaged 3 yards per attempt in his five series, and scored no points. The Osweiler era seems to be over after two practice games, as ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler reports the Browns are trying to trade him.
 Cody Kessler got the first chance, but he was so uninspiring in practice that the Browns turned to Osweiler to start preseason games even though he had received no practice reps with the first unit until after he was named the starter.

Kizer has not been perfect, but at this point he’s the Browns’ best option — even if it means throwing him in before he’s completely ready against Pittsburgh. He has led the Browns to three touchdowns and one field goal in just about a complete game of action.

He has shown the strong arm that has generated so much interest, and he has shown an ability to run — though the Browns would probably be wise to junk the read-option plays that put him at risk of injury.

That risk showed up in one series against the Giants’ first-team defense Monday. In a six-play stretch, he was sacked three times and ran twice. It wasn’t pretty, and the indecisiveness raises the possibility that he could turn into a guy who takes too many hits as a rookie and suffers because of it.

It almost seemed like the Browns and Jackson were pleading for Osweiler to do something, anything, to justify keeping him in the starting spot. When little happened offensively and when Kizer guided drives for a touchdown and field goal Monday night, Jackson had to ponder the wisdom of whether it was worth hoping Osweiler came through or seeing what Kizer can do.

He chose to see what Kizer can do, for good reason.

Kizer will get the start and the bulk of the playing time in Tampa.
When the offseason started, Kessler had the chance to win the job. He didn’t.

Three weeks ago it seemed that Osweiler had to fall flat to lose the job. He lost the job.

Kizer now has a chance to keep the job. The Browns aren’t committing to him as the starter, but neither did the heavens fully commit to the eclipse until the moon passed the sun. Jackson has been entrusted to shepherd him through in a way that will keep him healthy and successful, and in a way where he will not lose confidence.

Kizer has a great arm and NFL size, and he’ll go through growing pains.

But if he comes through, the Browns will come out of a tumultuous quarterback offseason and preseason expressing equal parts relief and happiness.

Browns signing Jason McCourty to two-year deal

The Cleveland Browns need help in the secondary. On Tuesday, they found it.

Free-agent cornerback Jason McCourty told NFL Network’s Courtney Fallon he’s signing a two-year, $6 million with the team. The deal includes $2 million guaranteed, the defensive back said.

The former Titans starter had dinner with Browns coaches and team brass Monday night, paving the way for a signing.

McCourty was tossed into the free-agent pool in April after the Titans released him following eight seasons with the team. He started 90 games in Tennessee and piled up 13 interceptions. A sixth-round selection out of Rutgers in the 2009 NFL Draft, the 29-year-old veteran was a three-time team captain with the Titans.

In Cleveland, McCourty lands as an instant starter alongside Pro Bowl cover man Joe Haden. The Browns also have Jamar Taylor and Briean Boddy-Calhoun at the position, but McCourty adds something else: proven experience in coordinator Gregg Williams’ scheme after the duo worked together in 2013.

Cleveland was victimized by opponents last season, finishing the year as the 21st-ranked defense in the NFL.

After fourth-round cornerback Howard Wilson suffered a fractured kneecap at rookie minicamp, the need for help was real at the position. McCourty fits the bill.

Sashi Brown on Osweiler: ‘We expect Brock to be here’

The Cleveland Browns are taking a quarterback during next week’s draft in Philadelphia.

We don’t know what round — or who it will be — but it’s happening. Guaranteed.

That means competition for second-year passer Cody Kessler. It would also signal the end of the road for Brock Osweiler, the former Texans starter who was acquired through an unusual trade with Houston this offseason — right?

Well, not according to executive VP of football operations Sashi Brown.

“We expect Brock to be here. He’s in, done a good job, coming in the first couple days. Positive young man,” Brown said Wednesday during the team’s pre-draft news conference. “He’s got some ability and talent and we look forward to him trying to establish himself here and have a chance to compete to be the starting quarterback.”

Osweiler was obtained by the Browns for one reason: To net Houston’s second-round pick in 2018 in exchange for taking on the quarterback’s unruly $16 million guaranteed salary.

This isn’t a player the Browns scouted and desired — no matter what they say. Still, there is a scenario where Cleveland doesn’t wind up with the quarterback they want in the draft. If they enter May without a new hope under center, a closer look at Osweiler wouldn’t kill anyone.

But if the Browns do land their man in the draft — a distinct possibility considering they own the No. 12 pick and a boatload of additional ammunition — pretty words about Osweiler won’t amount to much. He was never in their plans to begin with.

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If Robert Griffin III(Robert Griffin III Jersey)’s attempt to resurrect his career were a marathon, he’d be on Mile 3.

Griffin has done what he can with the Cleveland Browns to this point, but the hard work and uphill climbs are still ahead. Like any marathon runner, Griffin takes it step by step.

To get to this point, Griffin had to earn the starting-quarterback job. He was officially given that last week, though by every appearance it was his from the beginning of training camp. ?Now comes the next step: playing well in preseason games, which builds confidence for the regular season.

“I’m really eager to see our whole football team against a different opponent,” coach Hue Jackson said, “but obviously, to watch our quarterback under duress when it’s tough, when the other team is really coming after you.”

It is in practice games that Griffin can take a step toward showing he has improved in an area that needed the most growth: the ability to drop, read, process and react to a defense. To this point, he has performed against a defense he understands. Now he goes against teams that will try to confuse him.

If he had any failing in Washington, it was that he demanded the Redskins make him into a pocket passer, and he then never performed well enough from the pocket to keep his job.

When the Browns signed Griffin, he vowed he could play in any kind of offense, including pocket passing. Griffin has the ability to run, but eventually in every game a quarterback has to make a throw from the pocket with the defense doing everything it can to prevent that throw.

Griffin’s training-camp work peaked when it mattered most — he looked good in two scrimmages last Friday and Saturday, with even backup Josh McCown saying Griffin had thrown the ball better those couple days than he had all camp. ?But Griffin — and the team — followed with some “dog day” practices Tuesday and Wednesday, with too many balls on the ground and not enough plays.

In Friday’s preseason opener at Green Bay, Griffin will be without two of the Browns’ top receivers. Veteran Andrew Hawkins and first-round draft pick Corey Coleman both are sidelined by hamstring issues.

That does not change Griffin’s goal.

“It’s to go out and execute,” he said. “That’s always the goal. Any time you strap it up, you want to go win a game. Regardless of how long we play or whatnot — that’s up to coach — when we’re in there, we’ll be ready to go.”

Generic stuff, but at this point the approach is more or less generic. Griffin did not play a down in 2015, and his career plummeted from being the second overall draft pick in 2013 to being a free-agent signee with the Browns, whose quarterback woes in recent years are legendary.

“Since he’s been here, he’s been a true leader,” tight end Gary Barnidge said. “He’s embraced it.”

Barnidge admitted, though, that the offense remains a work in progress.

“Everybody is learning,’ Barnidge said. “It’s a new offense for everybody.”

The Browns do not bring a product to Green Bay polished by experience and years of working together. They bring a new coach, a new offense and a new quarterback.

Steps forward merely head toward the finish line, which the Browns hope is a productive offense led by a rejuvenated quarterback on opening day, Sept. 11 in Philadelphia.

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Cleveland Browns coach Mike Pettine says he will have a conversation with Johnny Manziel(Johnny Manziel Jersey) after another social media video of the quarterback surfaced Sunday night.

The video, which appeared on Busted Coverage, shows Manziel singing along to “March Madness” by Future in a private residence. A Tampa Bay Buccaneers jersey of Mike Evans, Manziel’s Texas A&M teammate, hangs on the wall.

“Any time there’s something with our players that casts them potentially in a bad light, whether it’s Johnny or any of our other guys, it’s certainly a concern,” Pettine said Monday before he had seen the video. “I’m sure I’ll see it and have a discussion with him about it.

“These circumstances are different from the incident that occurred before. I’m just not going to go into a ton of detail with it until I get a little bit more information about it, but it’s something that I’m sure privately we’ll discuss if it needs to be discussed.”

In November, a similar video appeared of Manziel singing the same song in Austin, Texas, during the Browns’ bye week. Manziel lost the starting quarterback job when that video appeared and when he lied to the coaches about when it was filmed.

Manziel spent 10 weeks in rehab after entering the facility in January. How alcohol figures into his post-rehab treatment program is not known, nor is the specific reason Manziel went for treatment.

Pettine was asked where the team is with Manziel being public about drinking.

“It falls back into not micromanaging personal lives,” Pettine said. “It’s very public, unfortunately. The thing that’s disappointing is how public it becomes. And it’s something that, with all of our players, we’re going to sit down with them before they get out of here and talk about where they are personally, where they are professionally. And certainly Johnny will be no exception.”

Pettine would not comment on the possibility this video could lead to another demotion for Manziel, but his tenor did not indicate it was likely.

“I don’t have all the information on it, and I’m just not going to comment on it at this time,” Pettine said. “I don’t have all the facts with it.”

In discussing Manziel’s on-field play and practice work, Pettine stressed that Manziel has been professional with the team.