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TEMPE, Ariz. — David Johnson’s return from a fractured wrist won’t begin in earnest until mid-November.

The Arizona Cardinals running back told ESPN’s Adam Schefter on the “Know Them From Adam” podcast that he still has to wear his cast for “a couple more weeks” before he can start rehabilitating.

When asked when he thinks a return is possible, Johnson said, “I really don’t know.” Johnson did say the Cardinals’ record won’t impact his timeline.

“Health is totally separate,” Johnson said. “I’m really just trying to get back on the field as quick as possible. Record doesn’t mean anything.”
Johnson suffered the injury in the season opener against the Detroit Lions. His doctor told him a wrist injury is “tricky” to recover from because of the number of small bones and ligaments around the wrist.

David Johnson hasn't played since he was injured in Week 1 against the Lions.

David Johnson hasn’t played since he was injured in Week 1 against the Lions.

Once the cast is removed, Johnson will have to work on getting rid of the soreness and stiffness in his wrist, a process that will determine when he can return. Johnson just recently began working out; doctors previously advised him against it because sweat could’ve gotten into his stitches and caused an infection.

On Tuesday, Cardinals coach Bruce Arians was asked whether he anticipates both Johnson and fellow injured running back T.J. Logan returning this season.

“Right now, I doubt it,” Arians said.

The Cardinals (3-4) will be in the midst of Week 11 in two weeks, when Johnson might be able to shed his cast, leaving seven regular-season games to play.

“We’ll see from there how stiff the wrist is and see how long it’ll take for me to go through rehab,” Johnson said.

Johnson gained 1,239 rushing yards and 879 receiving yards last season, and he scored 20 touchdowns. Adrian Peterson, acquired from the New Orleans Saints in an Oct. 10 trade, is now the Cardinals’ starting running back and has rushed for 155 yards in two games.

Arizona had a bye last week and is preparing to visit the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday.

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